The Human Rights Act- Share your views

To mark twenty years since the signing of the Human Rights Act, the Joint Committee on Human Rights wants to hear your views on the effectiveness of the Act.

The big issue

On 9 November 1998 the Human Rights Act was made an official law by Parliament. The aim of the Act was to ‘bring rights home’, making it easier for individuals to assert their rights through the UK legal system, rather than through the European Court of Human Rights. Since the Act was passed, society has seen rapid changes including global migration, increased security concerns and the rise of the internet.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights want to find out how effective the Humans Right Act has been at bringing ‘rights home’ and whether the Act has been able to adapt to rapid changes in society.

How can you help?
Send a written submission on the inquiry webpage.

Your answers don’t have to be long and they don’t have to cover all of the questions – even if you only feel able to answer one question, we want to hear from you.
Questions include:
Has the Human Rights Act improved individual rights in the UK, rather than requiring individuals to go to the European Court of Human Rights for justice? If so, has this improved citizen’s lives?
Has the Human Rights Act been capable of adapting to changing times?
Has there been a shift of power from Parliament to the judiciary? If so, has this had a meaningful impact?
Are there any improvements that could be made to the Human Rights Act?
What future challenges need to be addressed through the framework of the Human Rights Act?
The full call for evidence is on the Committee’s webpage

Send us your views by Friday 14 September 2018.

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