Rush – Lightpool Festival

Are you ready to experience the power of LeftCoast’s next showstopper – RUSH? Set against an icon of Blackpool’s skyline, RUSH is an outdoor dance spectacular created by Southpaw Dance Company.

RUSH tells the stories that matter to Blackpool and Wyre residents in a huge release of energy and creativity. RUSH is one of the headliners for Lightpool Festival on 26 October 2018.

You are one of the first to hear about RUSH Blackpool a new spectacular project coming in October 2018. Created by Southpaw Dance Company and produced by Event International.

Details about RUSH are still under wraps but it will be a dance, light and projection mapping masterpiece in Blackpool during the Lightpool Festival on October 26 2018.

Visit to find out more, register for tickets and how to join our crew and dance in RUSH.

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