Lancashire Women’s Centres Workforce Wellbeing

We are excited to inform you we are expanding our horizons to offer bespoke emotional health & wellbeing packages that could be of benefit to your organisation!

We understand that one size does not fit all. Which is why we are taking the time to discover from you, what your business & employees want – then deliver exactly what you need to improve Workplace Wellbeing.

We do not just come in to deliver for you & your employees, we work WITH YOU ALL.

Our bespoke emotional health & wellbeing packages address what we know to be the most prevalent attributes of stress & anxiety in the workplace – FEAR – VALUE – CULTURE. Our track record of delivering successful services which support people to achieve positive results & outcomes, helps to illustrate why we feel best placed to be your chosen provider of workplace wellbeing service.

‘Mental ill health costs employer’s £1,035 per employee, per year’
(Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health)

Through working with over 2000 individuals a year under our mental health & emotional wellbeing programmes, Lancashire Women’s Centre’s understand better than most that external factors adversely affect performance satisfaction at work, as well as at home – including relationships, finance & bereavement- to name a few. We have a wealth of up to date knowledge & expertise in working effectively with these issues.

By purchasing our programme of support you will enable YOUR ORGANISATION, YOUR WORKFORCE & YOUR COMMUNITY to thrive & prosper. As well as the impact on your organisation & team, working with us provides an excellent way for you to evidence your corporate social responsibility. You will be directly improving the health & wellbeing of not only your workforce but also having a positive impact on our work with women in your local community through supporting the work of our charity.

Mindfit – A One Day Wellbeing Programme (6 hour delivery)
A group programme which will be tailored to the needs of your business & employees but covering key areas including :-

Confidence | Assertiveness | Motivation | Anger Management | Stress Control | Enhance Work Life Balance

This includes a 3 month follow up which is a 3 hour ‘check-up’ session.

BOLT ONS – Further MINDFIT BITESIZE workshops can specifically  target any of the key areas included in the programme alongside –


In addition we can provide :-
1-1 follow up counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eye- Movement Desensitistion and Reprocessing & Neuro-Linguistic Programming focused sessions on key topics including Relationships, Bereavement and Depression

CLICK HERE – 20% discount to the first 3 organisations who book with us

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