Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria is delighted to be able to offer an exciting opportunity to health and care workers across the region including those from voluntary, charity and community organisations. We are offering a range of support – including financial – to allow people time to develop those good digital ideas that they haven’t yet had a chance to bring to life.

This scheme, funded by the Local Workforce Action Board, recognises that it is often those on the frontline delivering care who see how things could be done differently, safer, more easily or faster if there was a little more technology involved. Banks, shops and travel companies all utilise technology well, and we know we haven’t yet embraced it as widely as we could in health, ill-health prevention or caring environments.

The Digital Pioneers Scheme – in collaboration with other industry partners who support innovation and adoption – hopes to create the perfect environment for health and care entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and generate great opportunities for change and development for citizens and patients both locally and nationally.

We look forward to sharing the stories widely as they develop, and wish lots of success to those who become a part of the programme.

Please help us to spread the word through your networks and encourage people to apply. For further information about becoming a digital pioneer, please visit:

The digital pioneer scheme is part of Our Digital Future, our digital strategy for Lancashire and South Cumbria. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @healthierlsc #HLSCDigital