Are you working with young people in Blackpool in a voluntary setting? Blackpool Council for Voluntary Youth Service was established many years ago and hasn’t met for a couple of years. It used to be quite an effective conduit between the voluntary and statutory youth service with the Council being able to provide support to our organisations by way of training and access to resources.
BCVYS has in recent years dwindled along with the elimination of Council Youth Services.  It also used to provide training, access to funding, share good practice, lobby on behalf of the voluntary youth sector, hold events and much more.
Do you see value in youth organisations meeting together to share ideas, good practice, information and explore potential partnership opportunities?  Or not?  Do you think there are enough third sector meetings and you have your own established networks and don’t need any further  groups to attend?
We NEED to know. Currently BCVYS only has two trustees; Debbie Terrass and Jane Hugo.
There will be a meeting on Tues 25th September, 7pm at Blackpool Boys and Girl’s Club Mereside.  RSVP to [email protected] and please let any other people know if you think the meeting may be relevant to them.