Between 12-18 November we will be supporting Self Care Week; an annual initiative organised by the Self Care Forum to raise awareness about the benefits of self-care and what people can do to take care of their health.  It is to promote and encourage more self-care across communities, families and generations.

Choosing Self Care for Life is about making improvements in your life to protect your physical health and mental wellbeing.

Locally, organisations with an interest in health are using the week to encourage people who do not usually take responsibility for their health to make a start by trying one of the thousands of groups available across the Fylde Coast. These people may be socially isolated, depressed or have a long term physical condition that means they are unable to be physically active. However by doing some form of activity or by meeting new friends or likeminded people they may help their situation and experience many health benefits.

A call to local groups using the FYi Directory has been answered and social clubs, activity leaders and advice agencies have offered to put on special sessions throughout the week. These sessions will welcome new people and give them an easy taster of what the group is like. There is everything from mindfulness sessions to walking football and the hope is that by trying one of these sessions people will continue to attend and make the positive change.

You may come in to contact with these people that need a little extra nudge and an opportunity. They may be a friend or relative or a patient or someone you care for. You might even be willing to attend one of the sessions with them. Please use the attached calendar to find one of the special sessions and let’s use the week to inspire them to make the change.

There will be more information on along with more details of how you can get involved.

If there is nothing on the calendar that appeals try looking on the FYi directory for lots of other clubs and societies that are available. Simply go to or call 0800 092 2332.

Click here to download the Self Care week calendar.