12th – 16th November 2018

Give your business lift-off

Every great Blackpool business (and there are plenty of them) was once at the point you’re at now. They wanted to launch but didn’t know how. Or they wanted to grow and needed a little help.

That’s what Blackpool Enterprise Week is all about, with 18 free to attend events full of insight, inspiration and practical advice for businesses at every stage of development.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a growing business or simply someone with the passion to turn a hobby into a career, we want to help.

Just starting or just started?

Got the spark of a business idea? Blackpool Enterprise Week can help you turn it into something more:


11 sessions, each designed to jump start broad ambitions, turn them into focused plans, and get things moving. Every workshop is friendly and informal, giving you plenty of opportunity to ask questions and find answers. Mix and match the following sessions as you wish:

  • Inspiring People – Meet 6 successful local entrepreneurs who’ve already travelled the road you’re on now. Because nothing beats a Q&A with people who’ve ‘been there and done that’
  • Drop In, Find Out – Your questions, answered by friendly experts. To get the most out of each session, jot a few burning questions down first
  • GetSet Sessions – How do you turn a skill, interest or hobby into a real, thriving business? Join in and take the first steps

Get Started boot camp

Businesses can’t thrive on passion alone. You need a solid, practical foundation on which to build, and the 5 workshops in the Boot Camp provide just that.

Treat each session as a standalone or join them all and get clear, practical advice on:

Events for established & growing businesses

When Blackpool’s established businesses grow, we all benefit. That’s why Blackpool Enterprise Week has events to help growing businesses grow further:

  • Show Me the Money: There are more business funding opportunities than you realise. Supported by the British Business Bank, this session will help you find them
  • Digital Accounting Workshop: Stop missing out on unclaimed expenses, put all your finances in one place and discover the beauty of invoices that chase themselves
  • Google Digital Garage: Is social media still on your business’ to-do list? At this session you’ll find out why social media matters more than ever, and get practical advice on creating an effective social media strategy

For more information visit: http://blackpoolunlimited.com/enterpriseweek/