Some really good conversations and ideas were shared at the Community Action Lab in November.  The event hosted by LACVS (Lancashire Association of CVS’s) in partnership with BWFCVS and UCLan, was facilitated by Jenny Lamb, a senior lecturer in community leadership.   The groups discussed the barriers they faced in accessing funding, managing funds, monitoring and then shared thoughts about what the dream scenario would be in accessing funding.

All those present agreed that funding was getting even harder to access with so many hoops to jump through.  The time put in to completing a funding application for no reward was, to say the least, frustrating.

There have been several Community Action Labs throughout Lancashire and all the conversations will be put into a report and fed to funders to help them understand the applicants perspective.  We will be holding another event in February or March 2019 following up on some of the questions raised and funders will be invited to come along to meet with local groups.

Keep in touch to find out when and where the next Action Lab is to be held.