In July 2017, Blackpool on behalf of the Blackpool Domestic Abuse & Interpersonal Violence (DAIV) Partnership became White Ribbon accredited.
All local authorities in Lancashire as well as the Constabulary, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and several health bodies have now been accredited as White Ribbon organisations. This involved each organisation developing an action plan to raise awareness of the anti-Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) campaign, including nominating at least four male ambassadors to take the campaign forward. Blackpool now have 9 Ambassadors with new applications being submitted.
The White Ribbon Accreditation is in respect of engaging men and boys in challenging violence against women and girls with the aim to educate and raise awareness.  Supporters of the campaign are asked to pledge never to commit, condone, or remain silent about men’s violence against women in all its forms; and with Blackpool clear that all violence regardless of gender, age, race, religion, class or sexual origination is not acceptable.
National White Ribbon day will soon be with us, which is held annually to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25 November. The day is followed by 16 days of activism against gender based violence taking this up to 10thDecember.
To commemorate during the 16 Days of Action we are currently putting together a schedule of various events and activity that shall take place to support delivering the White Ribbon message and raising awareness across the town, within agencies, schools, colleges, venues etc.
Once finalised shall be
Activity does not need to stop here and is something for you to consider in both work &  outside of work. I
f you are able to support raise awareness in your organisation/agency during this period this would be great and if details can be sent through to[email protected]gov.ukthiswould be appreciated,with the 16 days soon with us please can this information be received within the next week (brief overview, location, time etc.).
It would be great if people are able to show their support by ‘making the pledge’ either using the QR code attached or via the website below where you will be also able to find further information about White
In addition we are also looking to recruit more pro active male Ambassadors and female Champions to support raising awareness across the town. If this is something you are interested in and would like to discuss further, please contact Matt one of our WR Ambassadors:-[email protected]
Anthea Sully, Chief Executive of White Ribbon UK, commented following a recent visit to Blackpool:“Organisations such as Blackpool Council, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and their White Ribbon ambassadors are an essential part of raising awareness about male violence against women in their communities. 
“By Blackpool continuing to show their considerable commitment to the campaign, we know that this important message can be heard.”
“A local authority with White Ribbon status, which promotes the campaign in such imaginative ways can enable communities to feel safer. Individuals experiencing abuse may also feel able to come forward knowing that the local authority takes their safety seriously.” 
Thank you for your support