The F1 and F2 junior doctors are undertaking  leadership development programmes as part of their medical training here at Blackpool Teaching Hospital.  As part of the programme they learn about being an effective leader, communicating effectively with patients, family members and teams within the hospital and how to challenge, change and improve the way things are currently done.
The ask is: –
·       Find a community based activity which 2 – 3 junior doctors could support and complete in a day
·       Would provide them with an opportunity to apply their leadership knowledge and skills including: –
o  Communicating effectively with a wide range of people
o  Planning their time effectively and making sure they complete what they sent out to do by the end of the day
o  Build relationships with members of the local community
o  Working well together as a team
We thought it would be really valuable to provide them with an opportunity to put those leadership skills into action in a different environment to the hospital and thought about how these junior doctors might be able to do this as well as ‘giving something back’ to the local community.  In total, there will be around 50 junior doctors, split over two groups (F1 and F2) looking for opportunities: –
·       The F1 junior doctors are available on Tuesday, 9thApril 2019 (approx. 25 junior doctors available)
·       The F2 junior doctors are available on Thursday 6thJune 2019 (approx. 25 junior doctors available)
We started this initiative last year and received great feedback from the junior doctors and also from the organisations offering the opportunities.  Bev Sykes from Just Good Friends posted the following on Facebook
We would really value any opportunities that you could provide us with that meets the above criteria.
For more information you can contact me on 01253 955294 or via email at [email protected]