Last year, at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals we started an initiative to connect our junior doctors (who were undertaking a leadership development as part of their medical training) with community groups.  This was to enable them to put their leadership skills into action in a different environment to the hospital.  It was also an opportunity for our junior doctors to learn about the role that voluntary and community groups play in supporting people to stay healthy and well and also the support that is provided to people when they are not doing so well.
This initiative proved to be a real success and we are doing it again this year, but with a wider group of junior doctors.  So, it’s likely that you have already received an e-mail about this and I’d like to thank you in anticipation of your support. 
However, this year, as well as widening the scope of junior doctors, we want to offer leaders on the Heathier Fylde Coast ‘100 systems leaders and systems integrators programme’ the same opportunity to work with colleagues from the third sector.
Healthier Fylde Coast 100 Systems Leaders and Systems Integrators programme.
Here on the Fylde Coast, we are working to better integrate health and social care and deliver better outcomes for our residents.  Delivering better outcomes means we all have to work in a different way.
The Healthier Fylde Coast 100 systems leaders and systems integrators programme was launched in September 2018 and the aim of this programme is to help leaders working in different organisations to work together to improve the way we do things.
People attending the programme come from many different backgrounds – consultants, GP’s, nurses, paramedics, social workers, colleagues from mental health and public health and last but not least managers and leaders from other professions from around twelve different organisations.
As part of the programme they learn more about working across organisational boundaries, building trusting relationships with colleagues from other organisations, being an effective leader and how to challenge, change and improve the way things are currently done.
So, the ask is: –
·       Find community based activities within each of the neighbourhoods that small teams of leaders and integrators could support and complete in a day
·       Would provide them with an opportunity to apply their leadership knowledge and skills including: –
o  Working across organisational boundaries
o  Planning their time effectively and making sure they complete what they sent out to do by the end of the day
o  Build relationships with members of the local community
o  Working well together as a team
Unlike the junior doctor initiative, we have more flexibility around timings for this group, however we would like the activities to be undertaken and completed during April and May 2019.
We would really value any opportunities that you could provide us with that meets the above criteria.   For more information you can contact me on 01253 955294 or via email at [email protected]