Remap is a national charity operating at a local level and we believe there are many people we could help and support who are not aware of the service we provide.
Remap volunteer engineers design and construct bespoke aids, free of charge, to enable people who have a handicap or disability achieve greater independence and enjoyment of leisure activities, provided the equipment is not available commercially.  Also we can adapt commercially available items to meet an individual’s needs provided it would not compromise the safety of the equipment. 

Clients can refer themselves through the remap website, or referrals can be made by a third party such as a carer, occupational therapist, or other health care specialists.

Examples of help we have given:

For a client who could not hold a cup or suck through a straw we made a pump cup system which allowed the client to squeeze a bulb to get a drink without needing the help of another person.

For a child with cerebral palsy we adapted the brakes on her bicycle so they could be operated one handed

We made a set of steps to allow a child of reduced growth to climb in and out of the bath independently

We adapted a ‘walker’ to provide a lower seat and a one handed brake