No online presence- no business You own a business and want to attract more customers?

Everyone tells you it will cost ££££££££££ to achieve a better presence.

Take a deep breath, hang on to your money, our free seminar will show you how to succeed online, for little or no cost.

You will discover how to improve your Google, Bing and Apple presence

How Simple details can make or break your online presence

How a good photo can be a game changer

How staying current online takes time and resource, but brings rewards

Positive action and reaction online can make or break your business

All social media and web presence should include “call to actions”

Which social media suits your type of business?

All delivered in basic language

The seminar will be friendly, free of jargon and designed to make the subject easy to follow

Blackpool residents and Blackpool businesses can also access free 121 support.

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