Diabetes is potentially the greatest health crisis facing our nation. The number of people with the condition has doubled in the last 20 years, mainly due to the rapid rise in the number of people with Type 2. Thousands of children and young people are now diagnosed with a condition that used to be thought of as being only for older people. (Diabetes.UK. Tackling the crisis: Transforming diabetes care. 2019)

During Diabetes Week 2019 IMO will be engaging with the local community to raise awareness and #SeeDiabetesDifferently. IMO will work closely with participants on our programmes, as well as working closely with local faith, voluntary and community settings in Blackburn with Darwen, to inform them of all the risks associated to developing Diabetes. Awareness around predisposing factors, such as Genetics, Ethnicity, Gender and Age will be discussed, as well as ensuring factors surrounding personal lifestyle choices are also considered. 

There are a growing number of people who die early every week, therefore the importance of raising awareness now is paramount. Seeing Diabetes differently will help people understand the risks they present with and understand that Diabetes does not have to debilitating. Making positive changes can help people continue living meaningful lives with Diabetes and for some even avoid developing Diabetes altogether. Although predisposing factors will play a part in the prevalence of Diabetes in the UK over the coming years, raising awareness around personal choices that contribute to its earlier onset can help prevent a further unnecessary rise in the number people with Diabetes. 

For further information on risks around developing Diabetes and what you can do to #SeeDiabetesDifferently, please visit http://Diabetes.org.uk or speak to your GP.