We are a thriving Community Centre in the heart of Blackpool and going strong in our 19th year this year.


We are very busy in the week starting on a Monday when we run a full day social club for the over 55’s. We serve breakfast and three course lunch, with lots of activities going on for our members, including quizzes, bingo talks and lots of interesting ancidotes.  This club is repeated again on a Tuesday starting at 9.30 am till 2.45pm and again it’s a foodfest with breakfast and lunch being served along with other goodies.


Wednesday is the day we have our club for people with complex needs and learning difficulties.  They can come along with or without carers, its a drop in service from 10.00am till 2.45pm.  Lunch, snacks and drinks are available to buy on the day from our cafe which is open all day. Wednesday late afternoon we cater for families in need.  Kids bring their parents along to help cook with them, do homework and join in games.  This is all free of charge and it is helping families to bond together and get to know new friends.


Thursday is our “Raid the Larder” day.  Are you finding things difficult to manage and you are running out of food for the week? come along, no questions asked and bring a bag to fill from our larder, whatever we have in our larder you are welcome to help yourself to.  We open our larder at twelve and it is very well used with a queue of people usually waiting.  Unfortunately in this day and age the need is getting greater all the time, if anyone who reads this newsletter can help with donations of food, especially tinned food, and toiletries they will be very appreciated. After Raid the Larder we have a complete change of tack with our Body Conditioning on Thursdays with Pippa, she is helping staff and local people to get fit again and for the staff especially it gives up a chance to move away from our desk.  These sessions have just started and are running from 1.00pm till 2.00pm on a Thursday afternoon


Friday of course is our famous Luncheon Club still open and in its 15th year.  Our big lunch is three courses, soup, main course and sweet and of course tea and coffee, we start at 12.00 noon with service and it usually finishes around 1.45pm.  Of course a lot of our members come in from 10.00am and sit and have a coffee while catching up with friends.
All in All, I hope you have enjoyed being brought up to date with what we are doing and have been doing for many years.  If you feel like coming in to see any of our clubs in action please give us a ring on 01253 299306, any of our staff will be very happy to speak to you.