Treebombs has a mission to plant trees at scale. To achieve this aim; we are looking for community groups, universities, schools etc to partner with on the Treebomb project.


Treebombs are handmade Alder Tree Seedballs. They are made from protective clay, nutritious soil, charcoal and 100’s of Alder Tree seeds. Designed and calculated to protect the seed during germination. Our Treebombs make mass tree planting possible for the many of us that realise the climate crises is urgent and the solutions are in our hands.


Members of the public that have financial means but not necessarily the physical capabilities of going out and scattering at scale, donate to us. This then allows us to send 10 kilo sacks of Treebombs to organisations that can gather the manpower to scatter large volumes of Treebombs, enabling the planting at scale that we need for our earth.


If you are part of an organisation that can gather helping hands, fill in the form on:

and they will confirm with you and send you the 10 kilo sack for distribution.