We are currently looking for a charity to assist with members of the public who are wishing to purchase devices, the original plan was to work with the Good Deeds Trust (Guardian Angels) and they started to set up their website to accommodate this. Unfortunately, they ended up withdrawing and we were left with issuing them out through the Emergency Services free of charge.


As it stands, we need to open up to members of the public to increase the number of devices within the community and bring in funds through purchases or donations.


I have emailed Chief Inspector Crorken who is our lead in Vulnerabilities, to arrange a meeting with him and the PCC Clive Grunshaw to see if they can assist me with advice/funds to hopefully have a collaboration with another charity. We look to have already secured funds from Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde Councils and will find out within the next few weeks.


The Scheme has been extremely well received within the community and there is support from various agencies that want to get involved, however to do this I need a bigger platform to issue the devices out and make the public more aware.


If the NHS got involved by purchasing devices at cost and issuing them through trained staff within Health & Wellbeing Services and accepting referrals via the local GP’s, we could target far more vulnerable people within our community that do not come up on the Police, Ambulance or Fire systems.


The savings to the public sector could be quiet significant in terms of returning people home sooner and not calling ambulances or using up bed spaces in hospitals, after care etc. On average each year there are around 16,700 cases of missing people with dementia in the UK. 3000 cases are within Lancashire, of the 3000 cases, 312 were classed as high risk. The average cost per person is between £1325 – £2415 so on the 16700 people each year we are looking at between £22.1 – £40.3 million annually.


No other scheme is being done like this in the whole of the UK, and it is now being jointly funded by all three Emergency Services within Lancashire, the feedback on our website has been overwhelming view the comments:


https://www.facebook.com/BlackpoolPolice/photos/today-weve-launched-999reunite-a-new-scheme-aimed-at-keeping-people-with-dementi/2649280181768941/  (right click, open hyperlink)


If the NHS could help out in any way to support the scheme it would be fantastic. It would be great publicity for all of us to take the lead on safeguarding not just the individuals involved, but the wider community.


I have attached the leaflet above explaining the scheme more to anybody not aware, please let me know your thoughts.