BBC Radio Lancashire plans to highlight this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week with a special evening of music and chat with Alcoholics Anonymous members, presented by Garry Scott.

Joining Garry in the studio will be seven members of Alcoholics Anonymous – among them a retired fireman, a musician, a nurse, a former airline stewardess, and an ex semi pro footballer. They’ll be talking about their own real life experience of alcoholism, how they finally found recovery, and what it’s like to be living sober one day at a time.

Also in the studio will be Dr Mani Mehdikhana.  He’s been involved with several research programmes into drug and alcohol addiction, and after qualifying as a clinical psychologist worked for many years in the field of addiction and taught at a number of universities.  Although Mani was originally sceptical of Alcoholics Anonymous and its famous twelve step programme he gradually became one of its most enthusiastic champions, and now serves as a non- alcoholic trustee on AA’s general service board.

There’ll be a wide range of music featured in the show too – as well as his own selection for the evening Garry will be asking his guests to pick tracks that have a particular meaning for them and explain what makes them so special.

The programme will be aired live on Wednesday 13th November from 7pm until 10pm.  Tune in to BBC Radio Lancashire on 95.5 FM, 103.9 FM, 855 MW, 1557 MW, DAB or online via BBC website to find out more.