The WO Street Transformation Fund for Lancashire.

The aims of the WO Street Transformation Fund are to transform activities, enhance capacities and develop communities in line with the wishes of Mr. Street, who was the founder of the WO Street Foundation. It aims to encourage the community to take a proactive approach to empower themselves and others to achieve social growth and make a difference. Projects should meet the WO Street Foundation priorities, which include advancing education and tackling poverty particularly for children and young people who are unable to meet their educational or living costs or projects for older people, blind people or disabled people, particularly those who cannot afford medical or convalescent care.

Applicants also need to demonstrate how their projects are innovative and transformational in enhancing the capacity of Lancashire’s voluntary sector. Examples include pilot projects and grants for voluntary sector growth such as mergers and partnership working.

Grants are available up to £5,000 and the total budget available is £38,000. Applicants must demonstrate what they aim to bring to the project i.e. in-kind support, skills or further funding.

The closing date is Friday 31st January.

Click here to download application criteria and guidance.