#iAM campaign

Young person’s mental health awareness campaign

20thJanuary – 9thFebruary 2020

Every year Blackpool’s Youth Council, supported by charity UR Potential, engage fellow young people as part of the national ‘Make Your Mark’ campaign. The campaign aims to gather the opinions of young people throughout the UK, with the top issues debated on the green benches of the House of Commons by members of youth parliament.

Over 50% of young people in Blackpool voted this year with over 6000 young people voting on the issues that mean the most to them and impressively Blackpool had the 6thhighest turn out nationally.

Youth Mental Health is a reoccurring issue for young people and has been present as a key concern for the last 5 years.

Andrew Speight, Chair of Blackpool’s Youth Council and member of youth parliament for Blackpool said “Young people in Blackpool are saying that Mental Health is something they’re concerned about. At the Youth Council we wanted to support other young people like us and wanted to take action.”

“It’s important to realise how much local need there is in Blackpool, yet we are still one of the lowest funded areas. We hope that in starting some activity that this campaign will raise awareness that we don’t just want to talk about it – we need action.”

Following the results of this year’s campaign Blackpool Youth Council and Blackpool Fairness Commission joined forces with other local services and Youth Groups throughout Blackpool to take action.

The iAM campaign focuses has been led by young people through the Youth Council and Blackpool Youth Network, a network of youth groups. The campaign aims to highlight the amazing qualities young people have while offering small coping mechanisms in line with the nationally recognised 5 ways to wellbeing and resilience revolution.

Launching on Monday 20thJanuary with sections of Blackpool going Bright with the campaign, young people will be undertaking a number of ‘take overs’ including a takeover of the chatty bus in St Johns Square from 3-6pm and an all-day takeover of Blackpool Councils Social Media.

On Children’s mental health week 3-9thFebruary 2020 a selection of youth organisations and services will be offering ‘have a go’ and free or discounted sessions to encourage young people to try something new. The timetable of activity can be found on both the Fairness Commission and UR Potential website.

If your organisation would like to get involved supporting the campaign we have a social media pack available and any groups that would like to put on some activity during children’s mental health week are encouraged to sign up via www.blackpoolfairness.org/iamcampaign or email [email protected]