On the 7th March 2020 we will be holding our 2nd International Women’s Day Festival.

The role models who have committed to supporting the Festival, will each work with a local school and tell their story, in turn the schools will create a ‘living library’ this can be a collage, poem, art installation or presentation, it is up to the schools.

We have 30 role models, some of the names are:

Kate Shane – Merlin

Shelly Woods – GB Athlete

Ruth Cockburn – Comedian

Heidi Adamson – The Last Straw Business owner

Gemma Walker – Helispeed

Sara Dewhurst – Lytham Gin

Rachel Lambert – Para Athlete 

Anna Blackburn- Beaverbrooks

Jane Cole – Blackpool Transport

Lynn Saggerson- Blackpool Wyre and Fylde Volunteer Centre

Catherine Clarke – Blackpool skips Female welder

Helen Broughton – Danbro

Laura Lawler – retired Police Detective inspector 

Amy Cross – Blackpool Mayor

Christine Hodgson – Capgemini and Business in the Community

IWDFestival 2020

On the 9th March 2019 we held the 1st ever International Women’s  Day Festival here on the Fylde Coast. The 1st IWD Festival of its kind in the World!.It drew attention from across the whole of the UK and globally, with local, national and international support.

750 people attended with 35 local role models, 50 volunteers from business and Blackpool 6th students, and over 50 different interactive workshops for young women to take part in. Here is the link to the day if you wish to watch the video https://twguk.org/media/

This year on 7th March 2020 we plan to do the same again but with a few tweaks and surprises. It will be held at Blackpool 6th Form. We have invited every High School across Blackpool Fylde and Wyre, including the Ed Diversity schools and schools for children with additional needs.  For 2020 we have also invited 6 primary schools to the Festival. The event has 5 themed areas, each will provide workshops and support activities to enable young women to try our new experiences and develop further knowledge in career and social goals.

What difference will it make to Young Women?

The International Women’s Day Festival supports the development of female social mobility and social action by enabling young women,to have relaxed conversations, with role models across the sector and engaging in small intimate workshops that will stretch their learning and personal development. It enables a platform for young women  to have their voices and stories heard. This Festival will see an even bigger impact on young women’s lives than just careers advice, it’s impact will result in young women having a more positive and informed attitude when making key choices in their academic, learning, career and personal life choices.  This Festival enables young women to take their feet off the sticky floor to embrace and breakthrough the glass ceiling. It’s not just about young women gaining better GCSE’s, this is just a ‘one time limited measurement’ and does not reflect the true social mobility of young women across the Fylde Coast. The GCSE’s results do not reflect on the final destination of young women, therefore there is a need to address this gap.

We hope to challenge the recent report highlighting Blackpool as the toughest place for young wome to live.

The Festival will increase the involvement of communities coming together to support young women and bring together local business, schools, young people and organisations to work together and develop more productive and positive relations.

We already have:

1. 30 role models ready to work with schools to support young women in understanding that they can reach their dreams and goals through hard work and perseverance.

2. 50 business and community volunteers willing to support the day and deliver workshops

3. 20 Businesses supporting the event, through sponsorship or in kind donations. Including Blackpool Transport, Wyre Council, Fylde Council and Blackpool Council, Builders Supplies,  Blackpool Skip Hire, Sandcastle Waterpark, Beaverbrook’s , JTBryne Funeral Directors, Danbro and many more local businesses from across The Fylde Coast. We have support from Responsible Business Network, Wyre and Fylde Business Network and Dame Julia Cleverdon

The Festival  is also funded by Tampon Tax fund and One Stop Carriers for Causes Fund.

There are still opportunities to sponsor a school or deliver a workshop and be part of an amazing Festival.

Please get in touch with [email protected] for details