Young Minds 2020

IMO are delighted to announce a NEW project called Young Minds, this project has been kindly funded by North West Young People’s Development Trust.

The aim of the Young Minds project is to support the mental wellbeing of young people aged 11-16 years. The project will educate the young people to recognise signs of mental health conditions so they are able to support themselves and others.

The Project will allow them to discuss their opinions and feelings in an environment where they can feel safe and talk openly without being judged. Highlight the consequences of risky behaviour such as substance misuse and unhealthy relationships. Develop confidence, social skills, resilience and determination. Create a strong peer support between the participants and guide them towards additional support they can access.

The overall aim is to develop a positive mind-set within the young people to allow them to become successful and confident young individuals who are empowered to tackle the challenges they face.

If you would like to register your child or a young person onto this project, please use this link:

Once you have registered, our Project Officer will contact you to discuss the next steps.

For further information refer to the poster below.