Free Resource for people you support
Giving World is a registered charity. We redirect new business end-of-line and discontinued stock
(e.g. warm clothing, food, toiletries) for free to the most deprived communities in the UK.
Our evidence indicates charities across the UK are struggling to meet the increasing level of need in
their communities.

And that beneficiaries face multiple and complex problems. Amongst the highest are loneliness,
unemployment, low income, homelessness, and mental health needs. With the removal of
institutional safety nets there is now a greater need than ever to draw people in to safety.

You can help your clients and beneficiaries by registering with Giving World and accessing free
resources for people you help and your charity. Our partner charities tell us that the goods help to:
 Extend services – The goods provided by Giving World enable charities to diversify their
approach and meet the needs of their local communities.
 Reach more people – Life essential goods are a unique source of recruitment for the hard to
reach, drawing in those in need who are not actively seeking support e.g. those suffering
with addiction
 Increase charity capacity – Increased reach and awareness of the charity can attract more
volunteers and funding. Many beneficiaries go on to give back by volunteering themselves.

To access free goods register at or you can contact Louise on 0116 251