Reference Blackpool music school and the Coronavirus we have closed the building down until further notice. We currently have 85 students having different music tuition on various instruments we have 11 tutors. This left the community without tuition. But after collaboration with tutors we have set up skype tuition and the students are on board with this the school can still function and deliver its lessons either 1 to 1 or in groups. With this been accepted it helps those who are being isolated in their homes learning an instrument and leaning a new skill reading music, also been able to speak to the tutors about their lesson.

Music as you will be aware is a brilliant pastime and should be used in these uncertain times to help with depression and other problems. We can cover from the ages of 07 to 97 in most musical instruments. All the tutors are fully qualified are CRB checked. If the student has no instrument this could be hired for a small fee subject to their circumstances. For more details go to or call John or Karen 07305 919816 john 07887873309