Stay at home’ that’s the message we’re all hearing, loud and clear! But anyone who’s missing their walks on the beach can go there, virtually, every day with the help of Visit Fylde Coast!

Publisher Jane Littlewood has pledged to share a new video, filmed fresh each day, on social media for anyone to watch, wherever they are. And before anyone asks, no Jane isn’t driving to the seafront. She’s using her daily exercise time to bring you views of the beach outside her house.

Jane says “I thought a daily video with a bit of local chit-chat might bring some pleasure to people who have to stay indoors while this is going on. The only problem is that the show is restricted to the area outside my door!”

Earlier this year The Rabbit Patch reached their tenth anniversary of publishing Visit Fylde Coast. Just like everyone else in the world, their year hasn’t turned out how they planned. But the local knowledge gained over all of those years does come in handy, and now Jane’s sharing it in her daily walks.

“I really don’t like the thought of people sitting inside all day with only the TV for company” she says. “Sadly I can’t pick the phone up and talk to everyone, but I can make the effort to try and bring a bit of sunshine into their lives – literally!”

Sunshine and sea, waves and a walk on the beach are on the menu every day, sprinkled with anecdotes and interesting facts about the beach, wildlife and local history. The coastal breeze and sounds of the seaside are going down really well with viewers, who are emailing in to say how much they’re enjoying the short videos while they can’t visit themselves.

Jane adds “I’ve always been able to talk the hind leg off a donkey, so I’m sure I’ll be able to find plenty more things to say to people who are watching. It’s a shame that 5G wi-fi isn’t actually here yet, or the audience might have been able to join in!”

You can get your daily fix of the beach on the Visit Fylde Coast YouTube channel, and on their Facebook pages, while you stay at home and stay safe.

Find the videos on the Visit Fylde Coast Facebook page at

And on the Visit Fylde Coast YouTube Channel at