At a time when many of us are struggling with either working from home or
wondering how to fill our time now that sports clubs, gyms and social gatherings are
on hold, spare a thought for charities who rely on fundraisers who take on those
sometimes crazy and often incredible challenges. Fundraising events and
challenges are hugely important in raising awareness and bringing in much needed
funding to keep these vital support networks going at a time when they are needed
more than ever by the vulnerable and isolated in our communities.

The Government recently announced that there will be support for charities across
the UK given that fundraising has come to a standstill with the restrictions brought
about by COVID-19. How this will look and what it will actually mean in terms of
finances for smaller charities, is yet to be determined.

“As we all become accustomed to very different ways of living and working during
this period, we as a charity also need to adapt and be responsive, not only in how we
maintain support for our carers, but also how we can encourage people to continue
to fundraise for us at a time when it is even more important than ever” said Faye
Atherton, Director of Quality at Blackpool Carers’.

“Another side effect of this period of lockdown is the need to remain as fit and
healthy as possible. With this in mind, we have put together some ideas of ways to
combine keeping active with a fundraising element” said Terry Hodkinson, Head of
Fundraising. “We had so many fundraising events lined up with our supporters who
love a challenge. Many were hoping to complete their own running and cycling
challenges in a bid to raise as much as possible for carers and their families, sadly
these have quite rightly been cancelled, but we hope that our existing fundraisers
and new supporters will consider completing a couple of our virtual challenges this

One of the ideas that the team at Blackpool Carers’ has come up with is the ‘Climb
For Carers’ virtual mountaineering challenge. You can scale one of the UK’s tallest
peaks such as Ben Nevis, take on the virtual National Three Peaks, or scale the
equivalent height to Mount Kilimanjaro and all whilst wearing your pyjamas and not
leaving your house! Simply contact [email protected] to find out to
register for your chosen challenge, spread the word among your friends and family
and away you go, without the need to set foot outside!