We would firstly like to thank The Live In Care Company  the specialist live-in care agency, who have kindly sponsored this invaluable resource.

We are delighted that Professor Barbara Wilson OBE has agreed to collate and present a review of the latest research from around the world on the neuropsychological consequences of Covid-19.

This online resource package includes a professionally filmed 1 hour lecture from Barbara, a downloadable PDF of the 91 slides that accompany the presentation and access to the key research papers that underpin the review.

The presentation will begin with a brief account of corona viruses and why Covid-19 is so dangerous. Barbara will then examine the problems that are likely to incur a referral to neuropsychology such as stroke, encephalitis and hypoxic damage.

Barbara will go on to analyse the cognitive problems encountered in those who have been severely affected, include memory, attention, executive difficulties and slowed information processing. A case of Balint’s Syndrome is also described.

The lecture progresses with consideration of rehabilitation and the challenges we, and survivors of Covid-19, are likely to encounter.

The presentation concludes with a description of the audit being carried out at St George’s hospital, London and the international collaboration that is under way.

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The cost for the package is £20 + VAT and we are delighted once again to extend a 50% discount to our colleagues working in the NHS, charity sector and other statutory services.

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