Established in 2007, Blackpool Music School aims to use music as a conduit to address social issues faced by people residing primarily in Blackpool & on the Fylde coast.  Having a proven track record in teaching residents to play a variety of instruments, the organisation has gone from strength to strength gaining a reputation for professionalism within the town. Addressing issues of deprivation within a transient society the group enables those who would otherwise not have the chance, to learn new skills & build their confidence irrespective of prior experience.

Bringing musical opportunities to the people of Blackpool & beyond

All ages and abilities welcome

Promoting positive mental health

Improving lung & breathing capacity for those in need

Helping those with Alzheimer’s & dementia

Relieving social isolation

Building self esteem & confidence

Providing alternative life experiences for those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument

Qualified tutors provided

1-2-1 Lessons

Depending on need, experience and
assessment by qualified tutors the group can offer 1-2-1 sessions either at our head office or at a user’s home.  Such sessions can be held in person or, given the need for some to socially distance, via Skyped lessons.

Group sessions

Group sessions are held each week at our HQ. Sessions are held both during the day and in the evenings to ensure maximum take up.

Blackpool Rocks

Blackpool Rocks is a project run by the charity which caters for youngsters up to the age of 16 years.  It gives them the chance to learn new skills, work as part of a team and gain confidence.
Providing an alternative activity to
participate in ,it has proven very
popular and there is currently a waiting list for those wanting to get involved.

Musical Memories

This project works with care homes across the town catering for our
older residents, especially those
living with dementia and
other memory loss conditions.

Focusing on older songs it enables everyone to take part either playing instruments or singing along and providing lasting memories for

Breathe Easy

One of our newest projects our tutors use specialist instruments to train those who have suffered from chronic lung and breathing
problems to increase their lung
capacity by learning proven
breathing techniques.  In turn this improves not only lung function but mental and physical health generally, & relieves social isolation.


Qualified tutors

Instruments loaned out or can use own equipment

Skyped lessons can be held by

Showcasing of skills learned on an Annual basis

Subsidised lessons depending on funding secured

For all ages—current ages range from 7 to 93!

No previous experience needed



420 Waterloo Road



Tel: 01253 695398

Email:    [email protected]