Project Brief 


The Revoelution Partnership are inviting proposals from organisations or individuals with relevant experience to run a community engagement and development project in Revoe. This project will raise awareness of Revoelution and other community groups in the area, gather ideas for new projects and help recruit residents to the Revoelution Partnership and subgroups. The work will also involve informal consultations about specific plans for the area and advising people on setting up sustainable community projects. 


Revoelution is a community-led ‘Big Local’ project based around Central Drive in Blackpool, one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the country. It is Lottery funded until 2026. The long-term aim of Revoelution is to facilitate an independent community-led network that runs, funds or connects with projects and services addressing issues identified by residents and make Revoe a better place to live, work and visit. The project is run by a Partnership of local residents and employs a small staff team including a youth worker. Revoelution is well-connected locally; we are hosted by Blackpool FC Community Trust and work closely with community groups such as His Provision and Blackpool Inspirations, and with public sector partners such as Blackpool Council’s Environment Team, BCH, NHS services and Blackpool and Fylde College. For more information see our website at 

Revoelution focuses entirely on issues raised by residents. Partnership members and staff gather information and ideas from residents on a day-to-day basis and have a good range of contacts in the community, but Lockdown restrictions have unavoidably reduced feedback from residents and online Partnership meetings have been only partly successful. A new Revoelution Plan was submitted to the Local Trust in February. This included a number of ideas for projects that have stalled due to Covid-19. Revoelution were also the community lead on the Revoe Masterplan in March. To move forward with the ideas in these documents we need to raise awareness and gather community momentum. 

Project Goals: 

  • Connect with adults from all elements of the community in Revoe, particularly those not normally engaged, gather information and ideas and compile a contact list that can be used for consultation, community representation and promotion of activities and events. 
  • From contacts bring together groups of interested residents for discussion, informal consultations and possibly advising them on creating sustainable small community projects. 
  • Specific topics for discussion will depend on initial contact but will include the Revoe Masterplan vision and potential future funding bids for arts, environment/climate change and other potential projects. 
  • A number of interested residents will join the Revoelution Partnership and/or steering groups for specific projects. 


  • Covid-19: We know from experience that face-to-face contact is the most effective way of connecting with residents in this area, but lockdown restrictions may pose problems. 
  • Consultation burn-out: There have been several formal consultations in the area over the last two years with no visible outcome. Some residents, such as those attending frequently-consulted local community groups, will be harder to engage and methods will need to be creative. 
  • Transience: A particular problem in Revoe is the high percentage of residents who are only likely to be living in the area for a short time and therefore have less incentive to engage. 

Proposal Requirements

The proposal should be submitted by email and include the following: 

  • Relevant experience of the organisation and/or CVs for all personnel involved in delivery. 
  • Clear methodology for delivery, including three elements: 

o Initial contact with residents o Setting up discussion groups including some groups sustainable in the 

medium-term o Collated data and feedback for use by Revoelution 

  • The methodology for initial engagement should focus on face-to-face contact where possible, complemented by other channels such as social media. Methods should include activities designed to engage hard-to-reach residents. 
  • The second stage of the process will involve bringing people together who have expressed an interest either in specific topics or in getting involved more generally. The proposal should include a methodology for setting up and running discussion groups and bringing people with shared interests together to potentially set up sustainable community groups. 
  • The proposal must include a mechanism for gathering in-depth community feedback about Revoe Masterplan proposals, in particular housing development and environmentally sustainable design. 
  • There should be three parts to the information handed to Revoelution at the end of this project: 

o Contact details and summary information for all residents who have been 

contacted, with relevant consent to be contacted by Revoelution for future activities, events and consultations. o Contact information and progress summaries for any groups set up as a result 

of this process. o A full findings report including specific feedback on the Revoe Masterplan 

and ideas about arts projects. 

  • A clear timeline for all tasks in the proposal. Revoelution would like the project to start as soon as possible after the selection process – aiming to start week commencing 14th September. We expect the project to last around four months, though this may be extended to allow for the Christmas break. The proposal should include an estimated number of hours per week and a proposed start and end date. 
  • DBS status for all personnel involved in delivery where required (access to personal information and/or one-to-one contact) plus any relevant qualifications. 
  • Targets: the proposal must include targets for the number of adults reached in the initial engagement sessions and attending follow-up discussions. Other targets are optional but might be useful for assessment e.g. estimated number of sustainable groups. 
  • Full and clear costing, including expenses (such as materials, refreshments, incentives for attendance at groups), evidencing value for money. 
  • References: The names and contact details of two people who may be contacted for references in relation to the proposal. 
  • The proposal must be sent by email to [email protected] by 12noon on Monday 7th September
  • The Revoelution Partnership’s budget allocation for this work is £10,000. A higher budget would be considered for a particularly strong application with increased outputs and clear measurable outcomes. 

Roles and responsibilities

The selected organisation will be responsible for delivery of all aspects of the project. However, individuals involved in delivery will be working closely with Revoelution staff and Revoelution will assist with: 

  • Venues: Revoelution have access to several venues in the area, free of charge 
  • Resident contacts: Although the purpose of this work is to make new connections, Revoelution staff are in contact with a large number of residents who could be invited to participate in discussions. We are also linked to several community groups who could be contacted. 
  • Social media: Revoelution have a good online presence and our communications channels would be available to publicise and promote the work. Images and other media gathered during the project must be made available (with relevant consent) for use on Revoelution media. 
  • Partner organisations: We work closely with larger organisations such as Blackpool Football Club Community Trust and Blackpool Council and would invite relevant officers to discussion groups and consultations. 
  • Staff: This project focuses on engagement of adults but the Revoelution youth worker will be able to coordinate involvement by young people where appropriate. We will also be able to assist with governance and funding advice for potential community groups in the later stages of the project; Revoelution will want to connect with new sustainable community groups. 


Assessment will take place week commencing 7th September with the successful applicant being contacted that week. Shortlisting may apply and applicants may be asked to attend an interview. Applicants may be required to provide clarification or further information as part of the process. 

Evaluation: proposals will be assessed on the following criteria: 

  • Completeness of documentation 
  • Evidence of relevant experience 
  • Methodology in relation to the brief 
  • Evidence of value for money 

Contact information: for further information contact Simon Lawton on 0752 872 6554 or [email protected]