Fleetwood Wellbeing Way are a local constituted group who became established after completing Lancashire Mind’s Community Wellbeing Challenge. This was a ten-week programme designed for people who wanted to learn more about ways to keep themselves mentally well and who wanted to promote mental wellbeing in their community. The programme involved developing a project proposal that would benefit the whole community. Their local wellbeing initiative, Fleetwood Wellbeing Way launched on Saturday 8th August. The project uses the Five Ways to Wellbeing in two ways. Firstly, a physical 1.83km route against the backdrop of the seafront, along the promenade. Along this route there are disused bus stops and with Lancashire County’s permission the group have installed in each one a fun and engaging challenge, one under each way of the Five Ways to Wellbeing, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give to Others and Connect to Others. Secondly, they have a Facebook group, which also has challenges, different from the physical route, as they felt the need to provide ways for those who are staying at home and can’t get out and about. It’s now been three months since the project launched and Fleetwood Wellbeing Way are eager to learn about the success of their project and how they can make any improvements.

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