On the 6th March 2021 The Washington Group will hold the 1st virtual International Women’s  Day Festival.  Previous festivals in 2019 and 2020 saw over 700 people attend the events held at Blackpool 6th Form. Due to COVID19 TWG have redesigned the Festival alongside young women to offer a digital experience for young women living on the Fylde Coast. TWG are thrilled to continue to have the support of Dame Julia Cleverdon who will open the 2021 digital IWD Festival, alongside support from Comedian Ruth E, Cockburn, Little Voices Fylde and a few surprise guests.

The Festival continues with the five key themes, Happiness, Innovation, Rainbow, This Woman Can and Environment. The festival will include interactive workshops delivered by organisations and businesses. This year TWG have invited 5 role models from 2019 and 2020 to sit on a panel and answer questions around their profession and experiences. Seema Dalvi, Chrissy Griffin, Carolyn Mercer, Shelly Woods and Gemma Walker with Jane Cole as Chair.

This year’s Festival will aim to address the barriers faced by young women across The Fylde Coast, to ensure they have a better place to learn, to create their own opportunities and to enjoy their life.

The IWD2021 Festival objective is to start the conversations about the co design of a 5year IWD strategy, by young women for young women. Linking into the 2030 vision for The Fylde Coast.

Deborah Terras Director at TWG ’ This Festival is more important than any year in that we raise the profile of opportunities for young women on the Fylde Coast, there are some amazing innovative plans for the future and we need to ensure young women have a voice and help shape those plans. We are working alongside Business in the Community and local initiative to support that objective and help create a vision for young women.’

The Fylde Coast IWD 2021 is supported by the International IWD2021 theme Choose to challenge.

We are asking everyone to show their solidarity in choosing to challenge and call out aspects that are unhelpful to women.

Strike the #ChooseToChallenge pose and share on social media.

Raise your hand assertively and show that you choose to challenge inequity.

The IWD Festival 2021 is supported by The Rank Foundation and the Covid Response Fund Grant as well as support from Mina Group and Blackpool Transport.


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