Blackpool Music School on Waterloo Road has been awarded funding of £9,934.00 to help people with breathing difficulties i.e. asthma.

We are looking for 4 adults and 4 younger persons, to take part in trials that BMS will be running.
We are hoping to prove that regular use of a wind instrument, can assist with controlled breathing.

If you think you could benefit from this programme, and you are diagnosed asthmatic, we would like to hear from you. We will show you how to control your breathing, which may help reduce your asthma attacks in the future.

You will be loaned an electronic sax, whilst participating in the trials, along with a tablet, to use alongside the instrument.

The course is ‘free’ but there is a small charge for the loan of the instruments of £24.00 per calendar month for insurance cover.

This is a 12-month programme, with sessions being 1hour per week. (day and time to be confirmed).

Programme due to start at the end of May 2021.