IMO are pleased to announce the Doorstep Sport Plus programme which is aimed at empowering young people age 11 – 17.

Doorstep Sport is the provision of fun and informal activities and opportunities that meet the needs of today’s young people which have been severely impacted due to COVID19. It is far more than a sports club: it transforms young lives.

We believe young people should sit at the heart of Doorstep Sport and to ensure that every young person taking part feels understood, cared for, their physical and wellbeing is nurtured and developed and they are healthier, safer and more successful.

The young people will take leadership in planning activities to build their life skills such as digital skills, Self-management, managing relationships, creativity and managing information this will enable them to develop their confidence, competence and provide enjoyment that leads to lifelong participation.

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registration deadline 14th May 2021

The Doorstep Sports Plus project has kindly been funded through Street Games.

If you have any further questions, please contact: [email protected]