As part of the Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, IMO are proud to announce our Youth Connect project will be returning to face to face delivery, this project has been successfully running for the past 2 years. BBC Children in Need have kindly funded the project.

The aim of this project is to support the mental wellbeing of young adolescents aged 14-18. The project will cater for their social engagement, resilience and confidence building. Discussions around complex social issues young people are facing post COVID-19 will also feature within the project. These will take place in a safe, constructive and empowering environment.

The project will give young people a safe space where they can link up with others and come together in an informal face to face setting. The aim is to create an environment where young people can open up if they are struggling to cope with issues.  They will be able to discuss issues such as stress, depression, individual identity, substance misuse, eating disorders, social media and body image. The discussions will support young people with facing up to issues, which they may not normally bring out in the open or confront.

The Youth Connect group activities will take participant needs into consideration. Young people will choose their own activities, so that it builds a sense of belonging and gives them a voice. Engaging in a safe environment and being able to contribute towards the activities that take place will help increase confidence.  It will also allow for sharing of good practice, which will contribute towards peer youth development.

IMO’s overall aim is to help young people break down all barriers and obstacles and help them feel confident in speaking about taboo topics openly. In addition, give them the confidence to express their views and opinions without feeling they will be victimised or judged.

For more information regarding enrolment and to reserve a place, please contact: Farhana Patel on 01254 781310 or [email protected]org