We are researchers from the University of Central Lancashire who are undertaking a project funded by the Lancashire and South Cumbria Local Maternity System. The study aims to explore the experiences of maternity care and mental health needs and support amongst women who have given birth in the last 2 years from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Lancashire and South Cumbria.

As part of this study we are asking women to complete a survey (that takes ~15 minutes to complete) – the survey is available in seven different languages (English, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Arabic, Polish and Romanian). We would be very grateful if you could support this study by forwarding the survey advert to any women in your networks/organisation (see English version attached, and adverts in the remaining six languages can be provided as needed).

We are also asking community/group leaders if they would be willing to ask women questions (e.g. during (online) groups, church group/meetings, as part of their community/faith group/current workload) about their maternity care/mental health needs. If possible, we would ask if you could collect information from women during your current groups/contacts. Further details on what questions we would like you to ask, and where to record this information electronically (on an online Microsoft Forms) can be provided – please note we would like to offer a £100 voucher to your organisation/group as a means to thank you for the community consultations.  


Finally, we are also collecting details on any information and resources provided by different organisations/charities/voluntary groups, etc. to pregnant/postnatal women from BAME communities – if appropriate please can you click here Link to questions