Comic Relief

The Comic Relief Global Fund is targeted at communities experiencing racial inequality and have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The fund is to benefit people from a BAME background- ‘Black, Asian, Eastern European, Refugees and asylum seekers and Roma and traveller. We believe communities flourish when we all stand together, advocating for those who are most at risk and partnering with the right organisations to reach smaller community organisations undertaking much needed and valued community work. communities.

Who are LBN?

Lancashire BME Network (LBN) was established in 2014 following the merger of the Lancashire BME Pact (est. 2003) and the Lancashire Women’s Network (est. 1996). The work of LBN seeks to understand and address the inequalities that affect BAME communities in Lancashire. This is done through the 120+ members that LBN supports which are made up of individuals, groups, and organisations. Our members either support BAME communities or who wish to further advance the BAME agenda. This is achieved through a combination of direct project delivery, research and development, infrastructure support for members of the Network and consultancy services.

The Grant scheme:

The ‘Micro Grant’ consists of micro grants from £500 up to £2,000 and is a rolling programme. We would like to see completion of all projects by July 2022.

What can you apply for?
• Emergency Food Provisions including food banks.
• Wellbeing services
• Work with vulnerable groups (i.e., Domestic Violence)
• Small community groups experiencing financial hardship and / or at risk of closure.
• Work that reduces social isolation
• Work that improves digital inclusion
• Work that promotes Covid Vaccinations
• Advisory and Welfare work
• Sports & Recreation
• Purchase equipment to enable remote / online working.
• Purchase of equipment for organisations to operate ‘Covid Safe’.
• Crisis Support scheme (furniture, school uniforms etc)
If there is an activity you would like to apply for, and it is not listed above, please contact us and we will provide additional advice and guidance.

If you have any questions or queries please email [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch.

Who can apply?
Any VCFS (voluntary, community, faith sector) group / organisation or Community Interest Company can apply providing they are:
• Black, Asian, Minority & Ethnic (‘BAME’) Led – this means 51% or more of the organisation’s board and / or management team are BAME.
• Communities the group / organisation supports / works with are BAME.
• Groups / organisations operating in Lancashire (including BwD & Blackpool)

Who cannot apply?
• Those with an income over £50,000 in the last financial year (i.e., April 2019- March 2020). Another fund will be launched soon for organisations who have an income over £50,000.
• Groups that are political and / or religious.
• Groups that are based outside of Lancashire.

Can I apply for the Micro and Small grant scheme?
• No, you can only apply to one scheme.

How long before I know that my application has been successful?
• We will be making a decision on your application 14 days from receiving the application.
• If you receive a conditional offer in writing you will have 10 working days to respond, or the offer will be withdrawn.

How long do I have to spend the funds?
• You MUST have spent the funds by end of July 2022.

What if I am not successful?
• We will aim to provide as much feedback as possible if your application is not successful. We will also see whether additional support can be provided by our team and / or some of our members. LBN may also have other opportunities that your group or organisation can get involved in.

What if I cannot fill in the application form?
• Please contact us via email on: [email protected] and we can support alternative methods for processing applications such as ‘Zoom’ and ‘telephone calls.
• You would need to provide a very good reason as to why and how an alternative method to complete the application would be beneficial for you. If you are unsure whether you are eligible, please contact us via phone/email on: 01254 392974 / [email protected]

How to apply
You must complete the whole application form:

Micro Grants Application Form

a) You can print out the application form and complete it by hand, scan it and e-mail it to us.
b) Fill in the application form, which is in Word format, and email it to us as an attachment. You can use an e – signature if you are sending us the application this way.
If required, we can also arrange a Zoom or telephone interview and support with the filling in of the form. Applicants will need to demonstrate why this support is needed. Applicants will also need to email the team confirming that all the details given are a true reflection of the conversation.
NB: we are happy to consider another format (i.e., videos). Please contact us if you would like to apply using a different format

For more information regarding the Mirco-Grant Scheme, the Micro Grants Guidance document has more details on the application process and FAQs.

Micro Grants Guidance