Lancashire Victim Services is a leading organisation, funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner, which provides free and confidential emotional and practical support to victims of crime across the Lancashire area.

We offer support to around 70,000 people affected by crime each year, a number which continues to increase. Our services are locally focused – and as such we are looking to partner with businesses and organisations within the community – to become Victim Friendly informed.

We will be hosting a number of workshops in person and online across different areas of Lancashire, with the focus being on the impact of crime on victims and knowing how to signpost to relevant organisations. The purpose of these short sessions is for people to understand what we do as a service but will also aid victims by providing a safe and social atmosphere themselves.

Following the session you will be provided with a sticker that can be displayed to indicate to people that you have completed the information session and as such are available for people in need to approach.

If you’re interested in become a Victim Friendly Organisation please contact:

[email protected]