After months of renovation the new creative hub ‘Market House Studios’ is finally up and running for business and projects.

‘In House’ is the official launch exhibition, showcasing the artworks by the eight resident artists who have taken up studios within the old Victorian Market Manager’s house.

The ‘In House’ Open Weekend is free to attend and open for people of all ages to come and explore. The studios will be open from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 23 October and Sunday 24 October and are situated above Fleetwood Market, 26 Adelaide Street, Fleetwood, FY7 6AD.

For 25 years the Market House had remained empty but now it has a new lease of life and is ready to make a creative contribution to Fleetwood Market. There are currently eight artists in residence in eight studios, with one studio reserved for community projects, classes and exhibitions, and a gallery space within the Market itself.

Established by Wyre Council and funded by the Coastal Communities fund, the studios are managed by a full time Studio Coordinator and artist, Adrian Pritchard.

Artists include:

Tina Warren works in both 2D and 3D and her previous work includes drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, digital imagery and the moving image, however, she is predominantly a painter and also teaches drawing and painting.  Her work explores questions of morality and ethics, often taking a critical view of socio-political and environmental issues, with a focus on abuse of power, indoctrination and apathy, at the personal and political, local and global level.

Carolyn Sillis is a local exhibiting artist and gained her master’s degree in 2019. She describes her work as intuitive and uses the phrase ‘An unapologetic mark maker’. Carolyn draws her inspiration from personal events and world events.

Heather Johnstone’s artwork explores human conditioning and beauty perception in Western society by identifying social and cultural influences. In 2018 she founded Anon; A Community Arts Project, now funded by Healthier Fleetwood.

Jayne Simpson is an artist & university lecturer whose work is inspired by memory, lost experiences, personal history and trying to recreate a sense of remembering in a non-nostalgic way. She is currently working on a series of abstract paintings started in March 2020, at the beginning of lockdown.

Rebecca Fitton is a visual artist from the town of Fleetwood in Lancashire. Rebecca’s practice is centred around social engagement. Always autobiographical on some level, it also endeavours to address broader issues of identity, social accountability, marginalised communities and violence.


Anne-Marie Ciotkowski is a fine artist who primarily specialises in oils, with portrait and figure painting being particular favourite topics. Her ceramics lean towards abstracted natural forms as does her plaster sculpting work. Her significant experience within arts education has provided an opportunity to develop styles in various media.

Richard Hardwick is a Fleetwood artist using photography to explore the natural world and our relationship with it; his main areas of interest being the human body, water, trees and horses. Richard utilises historic photographic processes to explore the natural world and the relationships people have with their own bodies, exploring feelings and emotions and investigating the influences of society.


Roxanne Warren is a videographer / filmmaker who collaborates with other artists.  She is also a Costume Breakdown Artist who has worked on productions across the UK, for companies such as Sky, BBC and Netflix.

Adrian says, “The studios at Market House provide affordable workplaces for creatives, while also building connections between local communities and businesses, opening the door for future developments through the creative industries, artist opportunities and training courses.”

The creative studio space at Market House has been designed to be fully flexible to accommodate most creatives and artists. There is a mix of studio sizes that can be shared by a collective of artists or individuals.  It is designed to be affordable for all and will offer flexible working times. The Community Space is available for short term use and project work – to suit the needs of the artists and community.

Councillor Alice Collinson, portfolio holder for Planning and Economic Development at Wyre Council, says “We are thrilled with the progress so far at Fleetwood Market and Market House Studios and are looking forward to seeing the works created by the talented artists in residence at the exhibition. This is a very exciting time for Fleetwood Market and its progressing art culture as it opens up many creative collaborations between the market and the studios.”

Images can be viewed here.