Self-care week takes place each year in November. In 2021 it is running from 15-21 November. Self-Care Week provides people-facing organisations with a focus to hold a targeted campaign to support people to take care of their health and wellbeing and improve their understanding of doing so.


Self care is not all about treatment of minor ailments. It is about choosing to take steps to prevent illness. Joining social groups, making use of sports facilities and accessing social prescribing link workers through GP practices has a knock on effect to overall health and the pre-determinants of health.


On the Fylde Coast, one issue that prevents people from choosing to self care is a lack of motivation and confidence to make the steps necessary. For some this can make them feel isolated and they need help to make positive steps.


Therefore there is a need to empower people to make use of those services and to emphasise that services are there to help to take the “self” out of self care.


The Fylde Coast place based partnership (formerly the ICP) has been using Self Care week as a platform to promote our many services, support groups and clubs for the last five years with some great successes. This year we want to do the same by highlighting all the support people can get to start their self care journey so they are not doing it alone. We have created the hashtag #selfcaretogether for this year’s campaign along with some videos we will be sharing. Examples of these can be found here: and


We would love if you would like to join us in this campaign by creating your own videos and sharing them on social media with the #selfcaretogether. All you need to do is film someone on your phone talking about your group/service, how it supports other people and how they get in touch with you. Or you can have a current user talking about how they were encouraged by the support that was offered by the group and what it meant for them. If you like you can use the attached video overlay which you should be able to add over the top of your recording. I’m happy to add it for you if you send me the video.


There are also a wide range of resources available to support self care week from the Self Care Forum here:

Preview YouTube video Self care week video Social Prescriber