Healthier Fleetwood Drop In Sessions

DROP-IN SESSIONS at Fleetwood Library, Wednesday mornings, 10am – 12 noon

Join them every week to find out what’s going on and how you can get involved. Groups, activities and events plus they’d like to hear your ideas.

Their base will be an area on the First Floor and include a display space for leaflets and posters, somewhere to chat and also access to the internet.

Any local groups or partner organisations that want to display their leaflets or attend a session please contact them and they can make arrangements.

Residents are welcome to just pop in!

For further information on Healthier Fleetwood please visit

Good bye ThreeLeaves…Hello Go Get You

Since 2013 and before ThreeLeaves has been a vehicle for making a difference in the Fylde coast, and having secured over £50,000 in funding during that time we have made a difference to people’s lives, particularly those with mental health problems.

The idea for ThreeLeaves was born from a community project funded by UnLtd, the inspiration for it came from a day when Paul, their founder was recuperating after major abdominal surgery. He wanted a different way of doing things and after consulting with the existing directors the decision was made to incorporate ThreeLeaves as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, one of the first charities of it’s type in the area.

“Running ThreeLeaves has been an amazing experience. Having never really worked in the voluntary sector before, not to mention having little knowledge at the time of how Charities work it was quite a learning curve for me, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed” Paul says.

Several months ago the decision was made, particularly at a time when their current, and largest project is coming to an end to also bring ThreeLeaves to an end, specifically the way it operates.

As they now say good bye to ThreeLeaves they also say hello to Go Get You.

The new form of the Charity takes everything that came before, with everything they have learned and mould it all into something very new and unique.

Their mission remains virtually the same, to provide health and fitness opportunities to improve physical and mental health, whilst encouraging social inclusion, except with their new strategy they are going nationwide.

At the moment Paul is working exceptionally hard, despite having lost a number of family members to various illnesses. Much of his time is spent establishing their network.

Their first priority is setting up their activities in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre. They hope to be launching their local service shortly.

So as they say a sad goodbye to ThreeLeaves with the website closing within the next week, they also say hello to Go Get You and a new day and way of working.

Find out more about what they do you can check out our brand new website at

They would like to thank you being with them on this journey, they hope to continue working with partners and helping members old and new for years to come.

Facebook to Launch Fundraising Tools for Not for Profits

Social Media giant Facebook has announced the launch of its non-profit fundraising tools in the UK and 15 other countries across Europe.

Beginning in late September, Facebook will start testing fundraising tools in five countries:
 United Kingdom
 Ireland
 France
 Germany
 Spain.

In early October it’ll expand the test to:
 Italy
 Poland
 The Netherlands
 Belgium
 Sweden
 Portugal
 Denmark
 Austria
 Finland
 Luxembourg.

Charitable organisations based in one of these 16 countries are invited to sign up to be one of the first non-profits to use Facebook’s charitable giving tools to achieve their fundraising objectives by collecting donations on Facebook with the donate button; empowering supporters with Facebook Fundraisers; and to engage supporters with Facebook Live.

Facebook added that it will be working with beta partners to start including: Movember UK, Oxfam UK, UNICEF UK, Aktion Deutschland Hilft (Germany), Caritas (Spain), Save the Children Spain, UNICEF France, and UNICEF Germany. Non-profits that have signed up directly for Facebook’s fundraising tools pay a 5% fee on each donation. 3.5% covers costs of non-profit vetting, language translation, fraud prevention, operational costs and
payment support and 1.5% covers payment processing.

Facebook’s goal is to create a platform for good that’s sustainable over the long-term, and not to make a profit from our charitable giving tools.

Learn more by clicking on the link below.

Age UK Lancashire Older Veterans

This new service gives tailored practical support for older veterans born before 1950 living in Lancashire.

Overview of the service

This valuable provision gives up to 12 weeks support for older veterans born before 1950, providing information and advice, practical support at home, access to social events and opportunities to become more active.  Funded from the Aged Veterans Fund, funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR funds.

How does it benefit older people, their families and carers?

This project allows them to to build on the work they already do with older people and to reach out to those veterans, family members and carers who may need support.

The grant means they they can develop and test their services and learn more about how to get more out of later life. Their work has, at it’s core what older people want to achieve for themselves.

Eligibility Criteria

Born before 1950; provided at least one day of service, for example National Service; Army; RAF; Navy; TA; along with merchant navy; live in a Lancashire County Council District.

The Navigator team will predominantly deliver the service via home visits and other community venues.

To see if you qualify please email [email protected] or by telephone on 0300 303 1234.





Windmill Group

The Windmill Youth Group just doesn’t take you from Bronze to your Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Curious about what they are up to?

In the last month alone Group members have been on

19 day Ultimate Outward Bound Expeditions

“I got back from my Outward Bound course on Friday. I had such a great time and it was such a great experience. We did such a variety of things as well as walking, including climbing, canoeing, rowing, ghyll scrambling, swimming across Ullswater along with making so many memories”

5 weeks exploring India & Nepal

“I arrived back in the UK this morning after 4 weeks in India and 1 week in Nepal. It has been an incredible journey!”

Read more about the types of activities you can take part in below.

Windmill Group